When you find the right car, finance shouldn’t hold you back.

We offer all the traditional financing options, including HP (hire purchase) and PCP (Personal Contract Purchase) agreements. We will inform our customers of the finance packages available to them. We work with our own brokers but are happy to work with independent brokers too. If you have a car to sell, this will also be considered as part of a trade-in deal.

– Hire Purchase

In essence, this agreement covers the full cost of the car and at the end of the agreement the car will be yours, with no additional payments required. The length of this agreement is set by you, and you have full control over deposit options which will provide a variety of different monthly payment options.

– Personal Contract Purchase

This agreement type is cheaper than a HP agreement. The monthly instalment is based on contract length and mileage. At the end of the term customers can either; choose to pay the balloon and take full ownership of the vehicle, end the agreement and hand the car back or if you have accrued any equity in the contract, you can use this against your next car purchase.

Please reach out to our sales team for more information.

1. Select Vehicle

To apply for finance please choose a vehicle from our website and click on the request finance button.

2. Enter your Details

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3. Complete Process

Once submitted we will be in touch with your finance proposal within a couple of days.